Thursday, October 24, 2013

Google Drop Down "Speaks" for Women Everywhere

UN Women, an arm of the United Nations focused on global women's issues, recently released a powerful ad campaign that uses, of all things, real-life Google Drop Down results.  Yet another interesting look at how technology is shaping society's conversations today.

Thanks to student Jenny Knackert for bringing this to our attention in discussion yesterday!


  1. I'm glad someone thought to bring this up. I saw an article on this earlier in the week and was really struck by it.

  2. I connected this article to someone who is been in the news quite a lot recently: Malala Yousafzai. She is a teenager who is a famous blogger and activist from Pakistan. She promotes education for women and importance of women's rights. She communicates to a large amount of people through her blog on BBC. The theme of education and knowledge is important in her life story, just as it is in our class. She is very inspiring and I encourage people to read her recent interview on the daily show!