Q: Is LIS 201 offered in both Fall and Spring?
A: No; in the Spring, SLIS offers LIS 202, "Information Divides and Differences in a Multicultural Society"

Q: The section I want is full. Is there a waiting list?
A:There is no waiting list for LIS 201. If you meet the course prerequisites but the section you want is full, you may try to continue to try to register electronically through the first two weeks of class (when many students drop the course). You may attend lecture while attempting to formally register, up to the university add/drop deadline. Often enough spaces open up in these first two weeks to accomodate all interested students. If you can be more flexible in your choice of discussion section, you will be more likely to get a spot in the course.

Q: I have a class conflict with my section; can I switch?
As a university student, it is your responsibilty to sign up for a discussion section which fits your class schedule.  It is not possible for us to do your scheduling for you.  Our only advice is to try the online registration system to see if you can sign up for a new section and drop your old section through the official system. With 150 students adding and dropping, section counts are in constant flux so you might want to check the system at different times of the day/week to try your switch.

Q: I represent [your student group here] and I would like to talk to your students for justfive minutes before class.
A: Class time is too limited for me to allow any student groups to speak before class (even those related to journalism and mass communication). But if you send me a paragraph describing your organization, I will gladly post it to the class weblog.

Q: Why don't you put your lecture slides online before lecture, so students can print them and follow along?
A: Good idea, but it won't happen because (1) it encourages some students to skip lecture, (2) it discourages some students from taking their own notes, and (3) I am often still tweaking and editing the slides minutes before lecture begins. Slides will generally be available 24 hours after lecture.

Q: I have a [wedding, family reunion, Ren and Stimpy marathon] on the exam date. Can I take it another time?
A: University students are expected to attend all classes and all exams.  Makeup exams are only offered for documented medical reasons.

Q: On the exam review sheet, could you please explain to me the meaning of the following eight terms ...
A: The instructor and the TAs will not answer questions like this over email. Bring such questions to section or to the lecture that we devote to reviewing for the exam, or ask them on the class weblog to see if your fellow students can help. And study your notes and readings.

Q: Your class has too much [politics, economics, history, sociology] in it, which I think belongs in a [political science, economics, history, sociology] course and not in a mass communication course.
A: Welcome to the world of interdisciplinary, socially relevant, and intellectually complex university education.

Q: Do you mind if, while you are lecturing, I keep my laptop open at my seat and, though appearing to take notes, actually spend the whole class period surfing e-Bay for collectible Lego minifigures based on the short-lived 1980s science-fiction comedy series "Quark"?
A: Why do you torment me so?

Q: Did I miss anything when I skipped your class?
A: The answer is here.