Monday, December 22, 2014

Thanks for a great semester, and have a great new year

Folks, this will very likely be the last time I teach LIS 201 for quite awhile.  This was an unusual and experimental course that I developed just around the time that I earned tenure here at UW, and frankly I didn't know if students would find it either interesting or useful.  Seven years and over 1,000 students later, I think I have my answer.  It has been a great highlight of my career to watch each class of new participants encounter this material from their own ever-changing historical perspectives.  (This class is about as old as Twitter is, for example.)

Going forward, you're all going to continue to build the "information society" yourselves with every economic, democratic, community, and career choice you make over the course of your lives.  I hope our brief time together has helped you to better understand the impact of those choices, and inspired  you to similarly help to empower others to more fully participate in shaping our networked world of ideas.

All the best, GREG

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