100 points available

There are 100 points available in this course, which should make it easy for you to keep track of your progress.

Speaking assignments - 10 points 

  • A four-minute prepared oral presentation summarizing an article from your reader, in discussion section.  5 points 
  • A two-minute extemporaneous oral response to another student's prepared oral presentation, in discussion section.  5 points 

Writing assignments - 20 points 

  • Two 1000-word written papers, posted to your discussion section wiki, including outlines and rough drafts turned in on time, proper peer reviews, and all sources properly documented.  20 points (10 each) 

Online assignments - 10 points

  • Weekly online activities with your reactions and summaries posted to your discussion section weblog, as well as regular comments on other students blog postings.  5 points 
  • A 500-word written report on an article from your reader, posted to your discussion section blog.  5 points 

Multimedia assignments - 20 points

  • A five-minute narrated slideshow presentation in the "Ignite" format, presenting a key argument from an outside book that you read, posted to your discussion section wiki.  10 points 
  • A 1500-word analytic multimedia book review of the outside book you chose to read, related to appropriate articles from the course, and posted as a separate blog to Blogger (or another online service of your choice). 10 points

Quizzes and Exams - 30 points 

  • Ten short quizzes on terms drawn from the readings, in discussion section.  10 points (1 each) 
  • Two in-class midterm exams based on readings and lecture, involving both short answer and essay questions.  20 points (10 points each)
  • There is no final exam for this course.

Class participation - 10 points

  • Participation in both lecture and discussion section, including weekly attendance, preparedness, level of respect and civility exhibited in interactions with fellow students and TA, and overall effort put into the course.  10 points 

Grading Scale

LIS 201 is graded on a fixed scale, not on a curve:

  • A 92 - 100 
  • AB 88 - 91 
  • B 80 - 87 
  • BC 76 - 79 
  • C 68 - 75 
  • D 60 - 67 
  • F 0 - 59 

Extra credit

LIS 201 sometimes offers extra credit for participation in research studies run by faculty and graduate students. You can participate either as a research subject or as an attendee at presentations about the methodology of the studies being conducted this semester. (You will only earn credit for the same experiment once.) You may receive one-half point for each study you participate in, up to a total of two points.

To claim any extra credit, at the end of the semester you need to email your TA with a list of each study you participated in, including the date of participation and one sentence describing the study. (We will compare your list against our master list of experiment participants.)