Tuesday, December 9, 2014

This week (and next week) in LIS 201

Week 15: Student presentations


  • Each TA will submit one student presentation for screening before the whole course. You may bring snacks if you like.
  • Last fifteen minutes: Fill out overall course evaluation (professor leaves room).


  • Work on your multimedia book review and bring your questions to section.
  • If problems with your slide show were discovered when screened by your TA, fix them and repost.   You must have a working slide show to receive credit for the assignment.


  • Workshop for the final analytic, multimedia book review.
  • Last ten minutes: Fill out discussion section evaluations (TA leaves room).
  • Graded exam #2 handed back to students.

Final Exam Week

There is no final exam for this course.
Your multimedia book review is due on the last weekday of finals week: Friday, December 19, by 5pm. Post the link to your book review blog to your discussion section wiki (and you may want to email it to your TA as well, just to make sure). Make it serious, and make it look good. No late book reviews will be accepted.

Have a good winter break!

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