Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Unsettled American Dream

After over two weeks of government shutdown, the U.S. Senate is still debating and working on forging a bipartisan deal to avoid treasury default and resume the depressed economy for hundreds of thousands blue-collar workers hired within the country (and also overseas by American corporations). Ironically, the lack of swift and effective moves from the federal government has generated many critiques and concerns among people who once came and stepped onto this land with their high hope of the glorious American dream. With all the debts and financial pressure build upon the nation’s administrative plan, it seems that the dream has been fading and replaced bit by bit by the uncertainty and fear of a malfunctioned and destructive economy swirling across the world. 
In the recent New York Times article, “Viewing U.S. in Fear and Dismay”, several reporters took a serious and certainly cautious view of the trembling Americanized world economy from through different locations including Mexico City, Moscow, Athens, Buenos Aires and Cairo. For people from other countries, their either voluntary or involuntary involvement in this international economic development seems to take them down hopelessly and follow the depressing path that the Greeks and many other Europeans once were and are still suffering with. Despite the serious economic situation and possible default it might causes, the fact that such a democratic bipartisan government fails to address the urgent need of its national and global responsibility is even more disturbing and disappointing to its people and trading and political partners. At this moment, the goal of achieving the American dream of equality, democracy and material prosperity is just far beyond reality for most investors who anxiously awaiting actions to be made.


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