Tuesday, September 2, 2014

This week in LIS 201 (week 01)

(Each week I'll post a reminder from the syllabus of upcoming assignments and activities.)

Week 01: Introduction to four information societies


Lecture meets this week at 11am in Humanities 2650 for 75 minutes.   Students are expected to attend all lectures and to take notes. By the Friday after each in-person lecture, I'll upload a PDF version of any slides I showed in lecture to our Box site (and link the site to the lecture title). We may also experiment with lecture-capture technology to record the live lecture experience; if this works, I will provide links to those videos as well. Any student seen Facebooking, shopping, chatting, gaming, or otherwise multitasking with a distracting non-class activity in lecture will be asked to close their laptop  -- even if you are typing notes at the same time.


Buy your course reader from Student Print and read the articles below. Each week, you need to have your readings completed by the time you get to discussion section, in order to be able to discuss them with your TA and fellow students. We will quiz you on selected terms from the readings as well, which will be revealed at the end of each lecture.
(Unsure how closely you should be reading these? The professor has posted two annotated examples of readings, to show what he highlights when he reads through them.)


Just make sure to read through this web syllabus.


All discussion sections meet this week; consult your schedule.  Students are expected to attend all in-person discussion sections. If you are absent from section, you must email your TA within 24 hours of the missed section. If you are absent from two discussion sections in a row, you will receive a concerned email from the professor. After that we will refer your absence to the Office of the Dean of Students!
  • Meet your TA and your fellow students in person! (Your TA may have you create a "table tent" to help everybody learn names.)
  • Discuss the syllabus and grading.
  • Your TA will assign you to specific weeks and readings for your prepared oral presentation and your written article critique. (You won't know when you'll be called upon to do your extemporaneous oral presentation.) These will all be listed on your section wiki (which you'll join next week).
  • Discuss techniques for effective oral presentations.
  • Discuss the oral presentation grading metric.
  • Discuss this week's lecture and required readings.


Nearly every weekend you will have online homework and writing.  This weekend, after your first section meeting, you'll learn how to use your discussion section weblog. 
  • Please click here for a detailed weblog tutorial.
  • You must finish this online activity before next week's lecture.

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