Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Detroit Is Now a Charity Case for Carmakers"

The New York Times ran a piece a few days ago that is quite topical for LIS 201 this week. As Detroit is buried deep within the tangles of the "largest municipal bankruptcy in the nation’s history," (the city is currently running a budget deficit of around 1 million dollars a day), Chrysler, G.M. and Ford are pouring millions into charity efforts to revive the city.  

"But the likelihood that any of the automakers will build a new factory in Detroit is slim. The companies are increasingly global in scope, and are pouring resources into plants in China and other growing markets.

And after going through drastic restructurings to reduce overcapacity in the United States, the companies are loath to build new factories. Instead, they are increasing production by adding shifts of workers to existing facilities across the country."
Sound familiar?
And watch for the quote from Professor Thomas J. Sugrue, the author of one of our readings this week!
Read the whole article here.

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