Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Looking for a Spring 2014 course?

Here is a suggestion for students now registering for Spring 2014 courses.
LIS 351: Introduction to Digital Information
TuTh 8:50AM - 9:40AM plus computer lab
Professor Eschenfelder

Description: A three credit service learning course developed for Digital Studies certificate students and non-computing majors where students will learn to create websites and understand how they work across computers, phones and other digital devices, understand and build databases, learn how search engines work behind the scenes, and work with a real client to learn project management and build communication skills.

Who should take this course?
    People interested in learning about information technologies to solve problems and help people.  (No prior technological expertise required!)
    People who are interested in solving information overload and information access problems.
    Digital Studies Certificate students looking to fulfill their "Digital Information Structures (I) or "Digital Media Practice  (P) requirement for the Digital Studies certificate.
Priority registration for Digital Studies certificate students
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